Finally! A course that will show you how to launch your business on Amazon from South Africa!

Skip all the headaches, pains, and troubles from figuring out how to sell on Amazon yourself, and start preparing to sell on Amazon South Africa!


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Dear business builder,

If you want to create a torrential downpour of customers that flood your business

And get more sales than you could possibly handle

Then this will be the most important course you have ever taken...

Here's why:

South Africans have struggled to sell on Amazon for far too long...

They keep getting rejected to sell on the platform.

Listings get banned.

They face shipping and logistics issues.

Product compliance wrecks their business.

And when they finally get listed...

They don't make any sales.

We are here to fix that.

We scoured the earth far and wide to find the absolute best minds on Amazon selling to find out what works, what doesn't, and what works even better.

After countless hours creating this course, we finally found the best and most effective way to sell on Amazon from South Africa.

The methods inside this course have been responsible for these crazy results.


Increased Design a stone's revenue by over R4.5 million

Design a stone is a small business that builds custom stones for various outdoor decor like address stones, and in just 3 months, they added R4.5 million in new revenue

Helped Viter Energy 3X their return on ad spend.

Viter Energy sells mints and gums that give you energy. Within a few months of working with Brent, they tripled their return on ad spend. This means that for every R1 they put into advertising, they got R3 back!


After tons and tons of trial and error on the platform, we have finally found a system that will help you start selling on Amazon from South Africa in 4 months or less!

So if you are a business owner looking to start selling on Amazon from South Africa or if you are someone looking to start a side hustle...

This is the course for you.

The methods inside this course have been responsible for the following:

  • Helping a book publishing company named P and R publishing increase their sales with R3.7 million rand in the first 3 months.
  • Helping a weight training brand grow its revenue with R400000 in the first 2 months.
  • Growing a hip-hop brand named Harlem bling's revenue with R3.2 million rand in just three months.
  • Helped Tree to Tub generate a 180% return on ad spend in the first 4 months.
  • And so much more!

We could easily fill up this entire page with success stories like this.

Our quantum growth Amazon program works for every industry.

Across every niche and category ( Obviously not prohibited categories ).

And after meticulously studying the methods in this program.

And confirming it over and over again…

These methods' results were consistently better than anything else people were doing online.

And since then, we've deployed it in almost every niche you can imagine…

  • Fitness
  • Weightloss
  • Beauty
  • Office Supplies
  • Kitchenware
  • And so much more!

And you can use this 'selling system' for your business to sell almost anything you've got to ANYONE!…

This isn't some airy-fairy theory or esoteric concept.

It's a street-tested "selling system" that is working right now.

To sell pretty PROFITABLY on Amazon.

You see, we've learned everything we know from hardcore, no-bullshit, in-the-trenches experience.

And that's one of the reasons why I'm paying it forward to entrepreneurs like you.

So you don't have to struggle as much as we did.

The sleepless nights.

Years of trial and error.

So that you can start hitting 20k+ per month much quicker, faster, and easier than we did.

First, let's look at.


Who needs this program? 


  • Do you currently have a brick-and-mortar business and looking for a way to double your revenue?
  • Do you have an entrepreneurial itch that needs scratching, and you want to start a side hustle?
  • Do you currently have an online store that needs sales?
  • Are you sick and tired of trying outdated sales strategies to find more customers to sell products to?
  • Are you looking for an additional income stream?
  • Do you want to break the corporate grind and work for yourself?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions…

You should try out our "selling system” for your own business.

So that you can also get results like this:


Helped Tree to Tub generate a 180% return! 

The methods inside of this course have helped Tree to tub generate a 180% return on ad spend. These are crazy results and there are very few Amazon sellers who achieve such returns!

Helped Adrian's curtains supply go from minimal advertising to R373,789.30 in just 3 months!

Grow quicker, faster, and more predictable with our proven strategies to sell on Amazon.


This course is easy to watch and wastes no time going straight for the jugular.

No filler or fluff.

These are just hard-hitting actionable strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY to dramatically grow sales for your business.

Just know this...

This isn’t some course filled with nonsense outdated airy-fairy ‘theory,’ no.

It includes the most concise, hardest-hitting, no-holds-barred, and street-tested tactics…

For immediately selling more goods than anyone could ever imagine possible.

This is the stuff that’s working right now in 2023.




  • Module 1: You will learn the most effective methods to find hyper-profitable products to sell online. We will show you from the inside out how to find the most profitable products to sell on Amazon. ( A-Z, step-by-step videos)
  • Module 2: You will learn the single best way to find a world-class supplier to manufacture your product and create a product that people absolutely love! ( A-Z, step-by-step videos)
  • Module 3: How to optimize your logistics process to ensure that your inventory arrives safely at the Amazon warehouse( A-Z, step-by-step videos)
  • Module 4: How to write Amazon listings that practically FORCE your prospects to click them and buy! (Not one Amazon in a hundred even has a clue how to do this!)( A-Z, step-by-step videos)
  • Module 5: The secrets of Amazon marketing and how to run ads on Amazon to make the sales rain! ( A-Z, step-by-step videos on how to run ads on Amazon)
  • Module 6: How to outsource and hire people to run your Amazon business smoothly and efficiently! ( A-Z, step-by-step videos on how to run ads on Amazon)



  • How to outwit and outsell your competitors even if you're up against an industry GIANT…. and only have a tiny budget.
  • How to optimize your ads to suck in sales like a vacuum cleaner on steroids!
  • What you must do RIGHT NOW if you're selling on Amazon (It's the opposite to what you've been told and could DOUBLE your response!)
  • The breakthrough approach to creating a listing that will that create an avalanche of sales. It's like nothing you've ever seen before, and it positions you as a trusted brand almost instantly.
  • How to uncover the deepest, most powerful strategies hidden inside your ads manager (Once you discover this, your competition will call in sick and wave the white flag)
  • How to rank number one in your category and prevent anyone else from even coming close to stealing your sales!
  • The most unsuspecting way to outsell the most ferocious competition in your marketplace, even when their marketing is brilliant, their budget is huge, and their products and services are half the price of yours…


Find out exactly what the top strategies are right now for generating the most search demand on Amazon as humanly possible


And you'll do it all without using any outdated sales tactics…

Without having to beg your prospects to listen to you…

No more wondering what will work.

No more having to figure it out for yourself.

No cold-emailing.

No dm’ing Strangers.

No begging for referrals.

No hoping and praying!

Just pure scientific customer acquisition strategies.

You'll learn the following:

  • How to build instant trust and convert complete strangers from ‘click to client’ in 48 hours - even if you are selling in a competitive category.
  • A little-known strategy that creates a stampede of ‘begging to buy’ customers - this one tactic alone will leave your competitors running scared!
  • How to properly craft a pre-launch sales strategy that will get you a MINIMUM 50% bump in conversions… flooding your sales.


Why is this course different from other Amazon courses

This course is aimed at South Africans! We are looking to only help South Africans get started selling on Amazon!



“This all sounds great”….

“But I don't think it is going to work for me..."

 That’s what that little voice in your head is probably muttering…

However, I will personally GUARANTEE you it will.

You see, if, for some strange reason, you try the strategies outlined in this course and they don’t cover the cost of the course in PROFIT within the first 365 days.

I’ll refund you the cost of the course PLUS R5000 for wasting your time. You can also keep the course.

Sound fair? Cool.

Listen, I’ve either got balls the size of church bells…

Or have completely lost my marbles.

Because I mean, show me someone else who stands behind their products like this. Seriously.




Okay, buckle up…

Cause I 100% Guarantee that if you don't cover the cost of the course in profit after the first 365 days, I'll refund you the cost of the course PLUS R5000 for wasting your time!…

I'll even take it one step further…

That's right.

You don't even have to send anything back.

Just email me, and will refund you the money!

How's that fair?

(well, let's be honest, it's not really fair - cause I'm getting the short end of the stick.)

But I'm a grown-ass man, and I can live with that.

Now, if that wasn't enough, you greedy, little truth-seeker 😉 …

Then here are your FREE bonuses...


  BONUS 1: You will have 24/7 support. 


Ask us a question anytime you are struggling with something! We are here to help. Remember, we don't get paid if you get results! Just send us an email



And for your final bonus, we’d like to invite your business partner or team member to join you for free. We know how important it is to have business partners on the same page and want you to have everything you need to create a profitable online store. You two can split the investment, but each still has access to everything!

Amazon Blueprint

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  •  Learn the step-by-step formula for building a wildly profitable business on Amazon!
  •  Get 24/7 support from our in-house trained Amazon specialists.
  •  Get access to five 1-on-1 sessions with one of our Amazon specialists. 
  • Cancel anytime after 4 months ( Must make at least 4 payments )
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